How Restaurant Owners Improve Their Customer 's Experience

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6 Ways Restaurant Owners Utilize A POS To Enhance Their Customer’s Experience Deploying a point of sale (POS) solution tailored to suit the restaurant business offers many benefits to owner/operators; from automating operations, streamlining communications, tracking inventory, and analyzing their business with a touch of a button. While the most commonly utilized features of a POS solution have helped restaurants increase revenue and boost profits, some owner/operators are looking beyond basic functionality and utilizing a combination of features to enhance the customer experience. Reservations - Use the reservation book and traffic-by-date comparison reports to effectively staff to peak, properly allocating resources so your staff…show more content…
to send personalized e-coupons and e-promotions based on customer profile. For fine dining, you can present your VIP diners with their favorite menu item as an unexpected surprise. - Reward patrons and keep them coming back by utilizing an integrated loyalty program such as FlexGift® Inventory Management - Patrons frequent eateries for their favorite dishes. View reports on menu sales and real-time inventory levels to help ensure you are never out of supplies for your most popular menu items. Diverse Ordering/Payment Options - Table-side ordering increases accuracy of orders, allows patrons to order when they are ready, allows patrons to add to their order or order additional items without waiving down the server - Online ordering expands your customer base, increases order accuracy, cuts down on wait time and lines and reduces order fulfillment time - The many benefits of allowing customers to pay at the table include increased security, promotes
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