How Restaurant Owners Improve Their Customer 's Experience

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6 Ways Restaurant Owners Utilize A POS To Enhance Their Customer’s Experience

Deploying a point of sale (POS) solution tailored to suit the restaurant business offers many benefits to owner/operators; from automating operations, streamlining communications, tracking inventory, and analyzing their business with a touch of a button. While the most commonly utilized features of a POS solution have helped restaurants increase revenue and boost profits, some owner/operators are looking beyond basic functionality and utilizing a combination of features to enhance the customer experience.

- Use the reservation book and traffic-by-date comparison reports to effectively staff to peak, properly allocating resources so your staff stays focused on the customer experience
- A POS solution with online reservation capability is a convenient way for patrons to view table availability by date. They can secure a reservation at the table of their choice or on the day of their choice.
- Most POS solutions have the ability to email your patrons. By emailing reservation confirmations owner/operators provide patrons with a record of their reservation which they can add to their calendar. Restaurants can also send reminder emails to patrons. This feature adds value to the relationship between restaurant and patron providing a level ofconfidence that the reservation is secure.

Table/Floor Plans
- Digital table/floor plans show a snapshot of all stations at a touch. Use them…
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