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Imagination is built on history that passes down from generation to generation. Whether it’s written, shared verbally, or physically present. But are those stories really true? How do the people of this world know what is true based on a written textbook or a person’s voice describing the events that happened prior to the newer generation? Just like the confusion in what is true or not, there is confusion in whether the American Revolution was in fact revolutionary. This was also known as, the War for Independence. It was between the British 13 colonies and England, which at the time was the most powerful country in the world, but was short lived when the 13 colonies took victory in between 1775 and 1783. They are now known
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In Document 4 in the, “How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution” DBQ packet it shows data tables that split the wealthy, well-to-do, moderate and poor people’s economic status in the representatives in six colonies. This shows that it wasn’t a revolution after all, because it did not show how, “men are all treated equal.” It shows how people are split up and not treated the same way. This also shows that wherever you are placed on, whether its wealthy, well-to-do, moderate, or poor, you aren’t being financially equal. While the wealthy live in prosperity, the poor live in poverty without any money or little money. In addition, document 6 shows the view of a young African-American in 1819. In his speech he describes how African-Americans are treated differently and have different rules compared to the white race. In other words, while the African-Americans aren’t allowed to work among white folks, the white men can thrive without the rules and discrimination. Finance and segregation is not revolutionary at…show more content…
In document 6 it shows data of the abolition of slavery in between 1777-1865. The reason why this shows how unrevolutionary the revolution was is because it took over a century to abolish slavery or in some cases some states don’t abolish slavery until they have none left. If America was full of great change. the abolition of slavery would be more important than other certain laws or decisions. Furthermore, in document 7 it describes the discrimination of women and how they get treated differently in comparison to men. If the women were treated the same way as men, John Adams own wife, Abigail Adams wouldn’t have to remind him of such a thing. Abigail also say that the women will not abide by the law if it discriminates the genders. The abolition of slavery and the discrimination of slavery shows that the revolution wasn’t progressive in a positive

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