How Robots Have A Positive Impact On Our Future

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Imagine if you would not need to help Mom and Dad, carrying stuff for them or cleaning up after them! You can have a robot help you with your daily activities such as cleaning your room, washing your car, and even wiping for you once you are done using the bathroom. A robot is a machine designed to complete or carry out multiple tasks when programmed to do so. Robots play a huge role in discovery, such as Mars Curiosity Rover, that is used to observe Mar’s surface and environment. We have used Robots to study the moons surface to see what it is like and to learn more about space. We use robots today in military by using them to disarm bombs and find enemy locations. Robots will have a positive impact on our future, because robots will help us to discover more in the ocean and space, help us save lives, and aid in the military. For many years humans have struggled to discover the deepest parts of the ocean and have also struggled with discovering space. We could not go really deep into the ocean, because humans can not withstand the pressure that the ocean produces. But now there is a robot that can reach the ocean floor called “The Benthic Rover”. With that new robot, scientist will be able to record how changes on the surface of the ocean will impact the marine animals below. “What is special about the rover is that we will be able to stay in the deep parts of the ocean for a really long time collecting seasonal changes data” (Engineer Alana Sherman). With Benthic Rover,
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