How Robots Have Impacted Life

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Robots are a computer machines that are designed to perform many physical tasks either domestic or industrial. Robots have severely and positively impacted life and are intended to positively impact future life. They make it really easy to accomplish tasks and save humans from doing the most difficult tasks. They have developed to the point where they have revolted against people and are advancing to take over the world by taking over humans and preventing humans from completing undesired tasks. They are considered to be more flexible and more adaptable than other automated systems. This technology is advancing over years and robots are now able to perform many tasks more quickly, cheaply and accurately than humans. There were many domestic solutions of the use of robotics in the past when the microwave was invented. In today’s present society robotics has created an automated vacuum cleaner which is an iRobot called Roomba. The use of robotics is emerging throughout society and is intended to make industrial solutions such as robots used for working and construction in the future
In history of robotics, an invention was the microwave. This is considered as a domestic robot machine because of its incorporated features. The microwave consists of many control devices that allows microwave operators to input their desired amount of time and the food, the microwave then processes the food so it results in the temperature of heat as desired by the operator. The microwave then
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