How Safe Bottled And Tap Water

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The objective of this experiment is to see how safe bottled and tap water is to drink based on what is in the water; specifically the contaminants and the pH balance of the water. As well as if the temperature of the environment that the water is placed in affects the pH balance of the water along with if bacteria is grown due to the condition it is in. Water is one of the most important things in life, being as it is known as the universal solvent, and humans and many other animals need it to survive. Along with water, the balance of pH is also extremely important in the maintenance of any organism 's life, including the lives of humans. Temperature is known to affect the speed of movements of ions within a solution. There are specific …show more content…
If water is contaminated, it can be fatal for one to drink. Usually, water is contaminated with contaminants such as copper, lead, iron, sodium and bacteria. If water is contaminated with higher level of sodium than there is water, and a person drinks it for a long period of time, it will be unsafe, and most likely fatal to the person. This is because the person’s cells will shrivel up as they are drinking a hypertonic solution. Thus if one were to drink water with a high sodium concentration than there is water, they will eventually end up being dehydrated, (due to their cells shrivelling up) and face an inevitable death if they continue to drink the water that has a high concentration of salt. Also if a person drinks water that is contaminated with lead for a long period of time, they can suffer mental development issues (in young children) and high blood pressure and kidney issues (in adults.). This is the same with bacteria contamination in water as it can cause multiple health issues in a person if they drink water that is contaminated with bacteria for a period of time.
To conduct this experiment, the brands Poland Springs, Fiji, 7/11, and Aquafina brand water will be tested. Tap water from the city of West Quincy (in Massachusetts) will also be tested.For this experiment, A graduated cylinder, many pH papers/strips, ten
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