How Safe Is Genetically Modified Food?

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How Safe is Genetically Modified Food? There is a lot of controversy has occurred with the arrival of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), especially the production, consumption, and sale. Many people are concerned, or not convinced, that the consumption of GMO foods by humans may or may not create health risks. Would you ever think of eating genetically modified food in your daily meal? If you 're like most people, you 'll be puzzled to know that most fast food places like McDonalds and Burger King, and even your local grocery market have bioengineered food which are genetically modified. While some may see GMOs as controversial, there are some advantages with having higher expected crop yields and feeding more countries with this type of food. The disadvantages have been debatable by many people on whether or not GMO foods are safe for human consumption and has been a dynamic topic for quite some time. As humans advanced into an agricultural based society, they started to breed different strains of plants in hoping to get the best possible vegetation for food (Monsanto). You will even notice that an average ordinary gardener will do the same thing by taking the best seeds from the healthiest plants. These practices have continued throughout history, but as science expanded, the understanding of breeding and technology of going about altering plants have changed. Now, rather than breeding two similar types of plants together, scientists can directly alter the genetic
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