How Sandia Played A Nuclear Deterrence Capabilities During The Cold War

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In an instant Grandpa’s face turned serious, and he proceeded to explain how, when he and Jay had gotten chosen and sent to Sandia, it had been for specific purposes and training. He told me how Sandia Base, named after the nearby Sandia Mountains, was the principal nuclear weapons installation of the United States, and how—for twenty-five years—this top-secret base and its secondary installation (Man-z-a-no Base) had conducted atomic weapons research, development, design, testing, and training which had gotten started under the Manhattan Project during World War II, and that production, assembly, and storage of nuclear weapons got done there as well. Jay also explained how Sandia played a key role in our country’s nuclear deterrence capabilities during the Cold War and that, although there was a lot of public speculation on what actually was going on at Sandia, the military had designated that the activities at Sandia Base were secret under the Atomic Energy Act. Grandpa and Jay received level-32 security clearance status, which was the absolute highest level of security clearance available. That kind of clearance gets limited to only those persons who need access to classified information for mission accomplishment, and is also called “TOP SECRET” clearance involving matters of national security. I also learned that, even after they have left the military, periodic investigations get conducted every five years of people who have gotten given “TOP SECRET” clearance

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