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The purpose of this document is to explain how Sargent First Class (SFC) Kietsayam Krueree is my leader of influence and directly impacts the legacy I want to leave as a soldier. He was the first individual I met in the Army who mentored me and displayed leadership core competences. I have had many leaders in the Army, few have left a lasting impression that had a positive effect on my leadership style. He volunteered me for every open position that was challenging and essential for my professional growth. He found a way to make every task a developmental point for all of the soldiers. Several leadership traits to include my adaptability and calm demeanor, I owe to SFC Krueree’s mentorship. He is a leader who smiled and made every…show more content…
Many times I felt I was over my head, but was able to do what was necessary to get the mission accomplished above standard. Unknowingly he was showing me what ADRP 6-22 Army Leadership (Chapter 5, 2012) describes as building intellect. It discusses developing balance and stability are important leader attributes to achieve mission success. I had learned how to balance what I knew and what I did not know to meet common ground in achieving results. One particular role was being the squad leader of all of the senior NCOs in the Brigade Headquarters. It was difficult being the only junior NCO because some seniors did not feel they needed to respect my position. I worked through that difficult time which set me up for success when becoming a Detachment Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC). My detachment was mostly officers and NCOs and I have the experience to tactfully lead seniors who out rank me. I was a stable leader who treated everyone equally and remaining the level headed individual in the unit. I have used these challenging experiences to teach my peers and subordinates how to step up to challenging positions. SFC Krueree is the type of leader who seems to always be around when there is a training event. He is not there because he has to be, but he is there to ensure that everything was done to standard. He always uses time to get one on one
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