How Saturn Is The Planet

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Good old Saturn. Now, in the charts we talked about, his Sun–Saturn is on her Moon and then her Saturn is on his Nodal axis so it plays an important role here. We’re going to talk about Chiron too, and hers is involved with the Moon T-square as we talked about and his is conjunct her Venus–Uranus. When Saturn makes an aspect with another person’s personal planet or with an angle, it plays a key role. Saturn is the planet involved with restriction, with our self-doubt, with our commitment as well, and our sense of realism, with what we feel is real. Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, it is very common to see Saturn aspects in synastry charts of people in long-term relationships, because it shows this ability to commit, or to try and make a go of it. We’re prepared to work at that particular relationship. It generally makes the couple more determined to work at problems and be in it for the long haul. It’s important to note that both Saturn and Chiron do often crop up in relationship synastry – we often see one or the other or both working in the cross-aspects. They may not be the easiest to deal with but we enter relationships for other reasons than just being happy, we are looking to understand ourselves, as I said. Now, you often see this in quite clear stages through a relationship which has these strong Saturn aspects. You know, in the beginning there can be almost a reluctance to enter into a relationship or a commitment with another person, because it’s setting off

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