How Schools Should Limit Food

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In the beginning of her speech Kelly did not tell the audience exactly what she would be persuading them to want to do, instead you had to rely on the PowerPoint slide and read what her topic was about. The first time I watched this I had no idea what she was talking about; I thought she was trying to persuade her audience to make healthy choices by not eating such sugary based foods. This was similar to what her topic was about but the second time through when I was watching I read the PowerPoint slide and realized it was something totally different. She failed to say that her topic was about how schools should limit food in the cafeteria to only healthy choices, including the snack bar, but instead had her audience read it without giving any information about what she would be speaking about. I believe it is important to include this even if it says what your talking about on a slide. This high school student does include the main points she would be talking about, but I didn 't pick up on it the first time she doesn 't say clearly that she will be talking about these things, but instead just lists how schools will help with these problems and goes right into talking about them. In the first part of her speech she talks about weight gain. She includes facts and numbers talking about how school lunches can affect students in the long run with failure of nutritious lunches. She tells us that we could be giving up years of our lives due to death from obesity. She then goes
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