How Schools Use For Teaching English

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Student name: Latifa Fahad.Academic number: 213173469 Under supervision of: Zahraa El-ShahatTable of Contents: Page Number Section 2 Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Literature review 4 Significance of Research 5 Research Question 5 Research Methodology 5 Ethical Considerations 5 Limitations of the study 5 Expected results 6 References 6 Appendix Abstract: The effect of teaching method and curriculum content in respect of the different institutions of government schools in language acquisition for the age group between 13-15 Introduction: The ways public schools use for teaching English are not right, forcing many to look for other ways to learn, some resorted to buying books, tapes or CDs. Some went to study in private institutions for a better…show more content…
And diversify the education process by giving students practical activities that lead to interaction between the student and the teacher. Age has its considerable importance in learning a new language; we find that children have a great ability to learn English with the beginning of joining the School while a student in middle stage who has never studied English in the primary will have some difficulties learn English if they do not take into account his age. Here we can ask ourselves this question; What distinguish this age group from the others? Teenager likes everything new and fast boredom, and he likes modern technique so we must focus on this and try to update education with what is new and forget about the old ways, which last for many years to follow without renewal. Suffocation classes with many students considered as a common mistake in public schools, Especially with teenagers because when they gathered together in big numbers in the classroom the disturbance will be more due to their critical age stage, But if the number is limited, the teacher will focus on them in better way and gives time for each student and understands the student’s needs and mental. Then the teacher can exploit the time with all of them better. If we Compare a public school’s classroom to a private institute’s one, we will find the numbers no
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