How Scientific Information Can Have A Negative Impact On Theological Thoughts

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Scientific information can have a tremendously negative effect on theological thoughts. Yet, it can also have a positive impact on theological thoughts. It depends on how it is used. Still to this day, great controversy is amid the link between science and theology. It is indeed one of the most challenging studies today. Some people believe that science explains the why and how behind the creation of life. While others stand firm on reasons in reflection of theology. Theology seeks to provide the understanding of the Word of God in reflection of creation and faith. It is simply the study of the nature of God and religious belief. It seeks to explain the logic of His Word and to clarify the various insinuations it entails. In doing so, theology naturally encounters other sources of knowledge and takes into account their contents. Many view theology as man’s opinion and that is why they do not believe in the contents shared. Besides, many of those people need proof rather than word. That is what separates science and theology, proof. For example, each organism serves for the purpose of another. Chapter One introduced the Characteristics of Life in connection to Biology. “The science of biology is the study of living organisms and their environments” (Mader p2). All organisms share The Characteristics of Life. Organisms are organized, they acquire materials and energy, they are homeostatic, they respond to stimuli, they reproduce and grow, and they have an evolutionary

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