How Screen Time Can Effect Children And Their Personalities And Cognitive Development Essay

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Abstract This paper explores the research findings on how screen time can effect children and their personalities and cognitive development. I have found four credible articles on these subjects from online sources and scholarly publications. These articles discuss the results of different studies about children’s exposure to television and online content and how they have negative effects on the developing child’s brain in terms of cognitive development and personality traits. Keywords: screen time, personality, cognitive development Personality and Cognitive Effects of Screen Time in Children There have been a multitude of studies in recent years on the subject of screen time and the effects it can have on children of all ages. Previously, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended that children from 0-2 years of age not be exposed to any screen time at all (American Academy of Pediatrics, [AAP], 2016). This included television, video games, smart phones, tablets, movies and computers. The AAP has recently changed its recommendation, though, stating that “Some media can have educational value for children starting at around 18 months of age, but it 's critically important that this be high-quality programming, such as the content offered by Sesame Workshop and PBS.” (AAP, 2016). The recommendation for children ages 2-5 is still the same, at one hour of high quality programming a day, and for children age 6 and older, to use consistent limits on the
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