How Self Regulation Impacts Resilience

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These papers were chosen as they provide insight into how self-regulation impacts resilience. As resilience is a broad topic, these papers provide insight into self-regulation can benefit a variety of areas including neurological, epidemiological and how they can be implemented in therapeutic real-world interventions.
Socioeconomic Status
Buckner, J. C., Mezzacappa, E., & Beardslee, W. R. (2003). Characteristics of resilient youths living in poverty: The role of self-regulatory processes. Development and psychopathology, 15(01), 139-162.

This article is a cross-sectional study that examines the extent to which self-regulatory skills occur in resilient versus non-resilient youth. Along with the cross-sectional method, the study also has a person-focused approach allowing for a more holistic approach, though a variable focused approach is used when examining resilience to produce empirical results. It employs a variety of tests to measure the wide range of factors from prevalence of clinical disorders, such as anxiety, to the impact of chronic stressors, and competence in tasks required in daily life, within the developmental status of the individual. The study recognizes its limitations in determining causality due to the cross-sectional nature of the study, as well as possible under reporting on topics such as history of abuse. The study takes into consideration a wide variety of factors appropriate to a topic as broad as resilience, including socioeconomic
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