How Service Is A Good Or Bad?

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What is service? This question has thrived throughout my expository classroom over the course of the past four weeks. We have to discover a form of service that we are going to partake in for at least fifteen hours. Before we can do this though, we must understand what service is. Some say that service constitutes as helping others in any way that will affect an entire community. Others believe that service is helping one or more people in any way this is going to make some kind of difference, good or bad, in their life. I believe that service is when a person is appointed or appoints them self to do some sort of work in another person’s life despite whether that form of work has a positive or negative impact. My form of service includes tapping trees. I plan on tapping trees in a sugar works in Lincoln and South Starksboro, Vermont. As my grandfather is getting older, he needs others to help him during the short time period that trees can be tapped before the sap begins to flow. He has constructed a sugar works that contains over ten-thousand taps with my uncle over the course of the last five years. For those who don’t know what it means to tap trees, “a tree yielding sap is like a person donating blood. They both have some to spare. After the tap-hole is drilled, a spout with either a bucket and hook or tubing attached is placed in the hole and gently tapped in place,” (Croft). While this seems like an easy task, walking up and down a mountain in four to five feet
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