How Service Learning Can Be Utilized Throughout Your Lifetime Time Essay

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Service Learning is defined as a type of teaching and learning strategy that combines community service with reflection and instruction to help enhance the learning experience and as well as strengthen communities. Some examples of service learning are; working with political organizations, neighborhood associations and a tutor elementary or secondary students are a variety of subjects. Service Learning can be implemented into many majors, such as psychology majors, nursing majors, and health and food science majors -- just to name a few.
The benefits of service learning can be utilized throughout your lifetime time; some benefits include 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, decision making, as well as leadership skills. Not only will you gain these helpful benefits, but also some real life experience in any internship or community service practices. An added benefit to your social being is also having a greater sense in learning. It can help improve one’s academic outcome. You will gain a better attention to learning and how service learning also helps the community and the students you interact with. Just like the intern, the students will also gain some helpful benefits as well as life experiences. Most importantly, service learning also helps students gain knowledgeable practices in real world scenarios. Service learning is important and beneficial for students because it provides them with opportunities to develop civic…
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