How Sex Addiction Is Too Much?

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How do people develop an addiction to sex? Sex is such a popular topic in these modern times, why wouldn’t there be an addiction to it? The media is obsessed with sex because “sex sells.” What is sex addiction, anyway? It is hard to pin an exact definition to the name. Sex addiction has been defined as sexual compulsivity, hypersexuality, and/or sex dependency (Hall,2011). One of the problems I see with these attempts of defining sex addiction is how do we define how much sex is too much? Where is the line drawn between having average sexual activity and hypersexuality? To help define sex addiction more definitely, we must look at the signs and symptoms. Some signs and symptoms include the inability to resist sexual impulses, even if it puts the individual in danger, the obsession of sex and the behavior regarding it, an unusual amount of time used for engaging in sexual behaviors or pursuing it, engaging in dangerous sexual situations such as the transmittance of STDs, and multiple failing attempts to stop the compulsive sexual behavior (Emerald Coast Collaborative Solutions, no date).

Application of Theoretical Perspectives

In Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, he saw sex as a basic driving force for humans. Freud called the sex drive “libido.” Libido is part of the id, one of the three parts of the human personality. The id is the most basic part of personality. This is present at birth and it operates on someone’s most basic needs, which included sex. The ego tries to…

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