How Sexual Identity Shapes Not Only Yourself, But Your Relations With Others

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Throughout this course we have explored many themes in the books that we have read. While many themes have been looked at and discussed, the main thing that I learned is that they rarely come by themselves. Most of the works that we have studied included many themes interwoven together to give the novels a real world feel—because in the real world, issues of gender, race, sexuality, poverty, etc rarely are isolated.In Shani Mootoo’s Novel Valmiki’s Daughter we looked at themes of race, sexuality/ LGBT issues, and national cultures to name a few. The intersectionality of these themes is what makes her novel rich with depth and value, and is what I will analyze in this paper. One main theme throughout the novel Valmiki’s Daughter is sexuality and how sexual identity shapes not only yourself, but your relations with others. Dr. Valmiki Krishna is a respected doctor living Trinidad with his seemingly happy family, desperately tries to conceal the fact that he is a closeted homosexual. In a culture that is unaccepting of homosexuality, and deeply shuns anyone that accepts their “other” identity, it is not surprising that he readily sacrificed personal happiness in order to uphold an elite status. He heard the way that people spoke about other men and wanted desperately not to be one of those men. He thought of his career and personal standing in the community and how that would be destroyed if he was an openly gay man—so for the greater good of his family and intrinsic need

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