How Sexuality Is Too Much?

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Sexuality is a difficult topic to broach with teens. It is under constant scrutiny: how much is too much? Do youths understand more than society gives them credit for, or is society at fault for supplying them with information that they are not yet ready to cope with? In this paper I am going to explore several of the double standards and catch twenty-twos that teens have to navigate, particularly young girls. I will pay special attention to the paradox of the vixen and the virgin: that young women ought to be held accountable for their own sexual wellbeing, but at the same time remain virginal and naïve regarding sex itself. This mindset is represented by the majority of the population of the town of Lubbock, Texas in the film ‘The Education of Shelby Knox’, and I will touch upon some of the reasons that this thinking is problematic.
The literal meaning of the word ‘vixen’ is ‘female fox’. A fox, of course, is a fairly popular metaphor used to describe a woman, the connotation of which being: she is sexy; a woman who is experienced and knowledgeable about the world of sex. This is often considered to be a complimentary term. The word ‘virgin’ then could be said to describe the exact opposite: a woman who is pure, untouched, naïve to sex and its intricacies. This also is often considered a complimentary descriptor. In and of themselves these two terms are not explicitly harmful: just another couple of adjectives among the countless available for use in categorizing human…

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