How Shakespeare Impacted The British History?

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Navneet Kaur CP British Literature 3-B Mr. Wasemiller 19 February, 2015 How Shakespeare Impacted the British History? Shakespeare’s influence on the British culture in the 21st century remains unwavering. “Although William Shakespeare is viewed as the quintessential English writer, Shakespeare’s poems and plays have altered the course of European and World literature. The shadow that William Shakespeare has cast over the world has influenced artists, poets, philosophers and thinkers.’ (William Shakespeare- Biography, n.d.). Because of him, our society has a different view of the English culture. William Shakespeare was born in the town of Stratford, London on April 26, 1564 where he was baptized. He was the third of the eight children of the family and also the longest surviving child (“The Life of William Shakespeare”, n.d.). He was the son of John Shakespeare, a council member of a municipal and well renown glover. John began dealing with properties, wool, and farming equipment that led him to making a fortune. “ After a few years he married Mary Arden Shakespeare, who was a daughter of a prosperous landowner of a sixty acre farm. Over the course of time, John Shakespeare’s well running business died off. “The condition of his work began to decline. In a matter of time he was a rich business owner who would go from a civil servant to a debtor to council member of the municipality.” Around 1569, John Shakespeare was struggling to pay his taxes on time due to no
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