How Sheryl Has Created And Ethical Dilemma For Herself

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Sheryl has created and ethical dilemma for herself. It would have been unwise for Sheryl to wait until Jo to resign before thinking about a replacement because Jo is in a supervisor position which means she plays a vital role in the organization 's. Every director knows and understands that they should always plan ahead. If Sheryl waited for Jo to quit her job she would be leaving the organization vulnerable and possibly caused chaos in the organization, which means that they would not be as productive as before Jo quit. Sheryl has to plan ahead to keep the organization best interest in mind, she cannot be concerned about a persons feeling or action at the present moment, she has to act as a director. If she neglects her duties, its likely that she will be fired and the state will bring in another person to do the job correctly.
If Sheryl wanted help with her contingency plans she should have gone to her supervisors. At almost every workplace in America, there is a chain of command that is implemented into the work environment. This is to instill order and has been proven to work through evidence-based practice. Involving Jo Involving Jo into her planning has multiple pros and cons. I believe that it was not a good idea because Jo has informed the director that’s she will be leaving soon which means that it unlikely that she will still be performing her job the way she previously did. Some cons for involving Jo is that she may not care as much about…

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