How Should Bullying Be Stopped, And What Laws Are There Against Bullying?

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How to Stop Bullying Bethany Holeman Political Science Core: Mandatory Writing Assignment Section 142.010 Stephen F. Austin State University Department of Government Fall 2014 Abstract How should bullying be stopped, and what laws are there against bullying? What is the impact of bullying? Bullying has been around for centuries. There are states with anti-bullying laws, but most do not implement the laws correctly. This major issue needs to be taken more seriously, and handled in the correct ways. Texas has a number of laws, or codes, to attend to the pandemic of bullying. There are many steps to take to insure the decline of bullying rates. Bullying has a negative impact on the lives of the victims. Introduction Feuds among individuals have been around forever. However, the term bully has been in existence since 1693. The term bully means “to affect by means of force or coercion” (Background on Bullying n.d.). Out of all the countries, the United States has the worst problem because bullying is legal in most states. Bullying was not viewed as a major issue until the early 1970’s. Although some states have anti-bullying laws, most do not address the major issues regarding the problem or any solutions as to how to stop bullying. “One in four students are bullied every month” (Background on Bullying n.d.), therefore forcing schools to have anti-bullying policies to make the students and parents feel safer overall. There are numerous different
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