How Should I Prepare Your Enterprise For The Increased Adoption Of Cloud Services?

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How should I prepare my enterprise for the increased adoption of cloud services After tried and tested the Cloud computing infrastructure for provisioning test and development workloads, the obvious question comes to your mind will be, what next, how would I further increase the adoption of cloud services in my enterprise. Cloud services can make huge competitive advantages to the enterprise companies, if the applications are correctly architected to satisfy the business requirements. Some enterprises don’t fully understand while embracing new technologies, as they rush into development mode and forgo the necessary architecture and design changes needed in their IT landscape. Sometimes they also have unrealistic expectations like…show more content…
Often management, or even the architects are so starstruck by the success of companies like Netflix and Uber that they expect similar results, an outcome they most likely can’t achieve even if they do a good job in architecting. Therefore setting an expectation for the outcomes for a cloud computing initiative should be based on the business case in support of the initiative, not what other companies have achieved. 2. Consider the cloud architecture to monitor the usage of cloud services and track costs: One of the biggest misguided perceptions of cloud computing is that cloud initiatives will greatly reduce the cost of doing business. That may be true for some initiatives but not all of them; after all, cost is not the only reason to leverage the cloud. Even if a company has a good business case for reducing costs in the cloud, it takes more than cloud computing to achieve the cost reduction. Companies need to design with cost in mind. The cloud can be cost-effective if the architecture effectively optimizes its usage of cloud services. In order to optimize costs, the architecture must monitor the usage of cloud services and track costs. Cloud services are a metered service where the cost is calculated on a pay- as-you-go model much like utilities such as electricity and water are in our homes. In legacy on-premises datacentres, purchased
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