How Should One Define The American Identity?

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How should one define the American Identity? The American Identity should be defined as multicultural individuals who commit to similar common values, ideas, beliefs, and personal freedom rather than being defined by race, ethnic identity, and religion. Our common values, ideas, and beliefs depend on the core structure of the American government: the Constitution, which provides freedom, equality, and independence. Since America is very diverse due to the constant flow of immigrants from all over the world, there is no such thing as being a pure American. Everyone’s background lies somewhere else. Therefore, our identity would be defined by our common ideology and common values instead of our ethnicity and religion. Our common values and ideologies are largely influenced by mass communication through the media and popular culture. With the rise of globalization and youth culture, popular culture has been the largest influence on an American identity through sports, television, and social media. Because of the constant need of entertainment in society provided through pop culture, the American people are brainwashed by pop culture. They have forgotten their common values and core ideas that created the American identity.
Sports are played and viewed on the television by individuals from every social class, however, the general population is mostly accountable for the tremendous popularity of sports. People from all over the world watch popular social events, such as the
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