How Should Society Treat And Accommodate Immigrants?

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Though President Ronald McDonald may like to think that Fast Food Land (FFL) is “the most perfect of societies,” it is clear from the “cultural and religious strife” that he describes that this not the case. Indeed, FFL may be in need of more than just “minor reforms.”. The answer to what steps should be taken in order to remedy the situation in FFL lies in an examination of the following questions: How should society treat and accommodate immigrants as opposed to indigenous national minorities? What sort of legal accommodations should be made for immigrants? Is FFL’s current model for addressing diversity desirable? And, what ramifications will the departure from FFL’s current diversity model have on mediating intergroup conflict? In FFL, there seems to be a incongruity in the way in which President McDonald regards the country’s two minority populations: the indigenous Tacobellians and the immigrant Wendylandians. Indeed, President McDonald himself concedes that though he, “can tolerate it when the Native Fastfoodlandians wear their misshapen garments and speak to each other in their odd-sounding Tacobellian language,” the Wendylandians test his limits and might be just too different for the generous president to put up with. This brings to light the question of, whether the government is required to support and accommodate an immigrant minority to the same extent that it would support and accommodate an indigenous national minority? If one is to agree with Rawls’
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