How Should Steve Jobs Stay Alive

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Steve Jobs Do you ever wake up every morning and wonder why you’re still alive? Maybe you still have some unfinished business? Steve Jobs once said, “death is useful...Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there” (Jobs 21-22). There’s always something stopping you to do your best such as a disability. Or even just regrets or the fear you have to make choices. Brown once said to be vulnerable or you won’t be able to become someone bigger. Just by being able to wake up everyday and knowing you could reach for something higher is the best feeling. Steve Jobs once said that without death you would not want to change for something new. “Death is very likely the single best invention of life” (Jobs 22). It’s very clear that you should want to reach for something new everyday and not have a regular old routine. In “A disabled…show more content…
“Think how mad you’re going to be later if you don’t act, and let regret fortify your courage” (Robinson 5). You should not live in a life where you don’t follow your heart because regrets are forever. You’ll die knowing that you could have done something, but you did not because you were scared. Jobs said, “You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart” (Jobs 18). There is no later just live it up now before it is too late. Brene Brown said, “I’m just so grateful, because to feel this vulnerable means I’m alive” (Brown 9). Don’t settle for less believe you’re worthy and do not stand in the shadows. No one wants to live through not being able to expose yourself even for the good or bad. Because even with all that Steve Jobs says, “Because almost everything - all embarrassment or failure- these things just fall always in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important” (Jobs 18). However, you do know you are living that you can have failure but just keep in mind that it could be for the best be
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