How Should War Be Shown Throughout All Quiet On The Western Front?

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1.) How should war be shown in novels- as the horrible, death bringer that war is or as an act of heroism? (pg. 204-206) 2.) What does it mean for a person to be patriotic? (pg. 10-12) 3.) How is war shown differently in All Quiet on the Western Front then how it’s shown today? (pg. 50-54) 4.) What did Paul and the other characters lose because of this war? (Besides their lives) (pg. 125-126) Assignment Two: 1.) In the beginning, Paul and his friends viewed Kantorek as a wise authority person who talked about joining the war and fighting for your country patriotically. Kantorek uses the phrase “iron youth” (16) as a way of describing his students as indestructible, but Paul and his friends completely changed their feelings about Kantorek and older generations, because of the horrors of war that these young men are seeing. World War one was a much different war then the wars previously fought, the scenes of blood and death were unimaginable for someone who has never seen such horrors. Paul states: “Youth? That is a long time ago. We are old folk” (16). He says this because through everything that his friends and he have seen isn’t usually seen by a 20-year-old which is completely different to what Kantorek and the older generations have ever experienced. Paul is angry that his schoolteacher convinced him to join such a horrible and bloody war. Paul’s friend Kropp refers to the new recruits as “infants” (28) which shows how inexperienced they think the new recruits are. These
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