How Should We Accept Inevitable Progression Of Growing Old And Finally Death? Essay

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Introduction How should we accept inevitable progression of growing old and finally death? In today’s modern society the very subject of aging is often taboo and shrouded in anxiety and shame. The same holds true in regards to the death. The Mere mention of dying tend to make most people uncomfortable therefore the subject is rarely ever talked about unless as part of a classroom or at the end someone’s life. Mitch Albom’s inspiring bestseller brings to light these trials and tribulations of the aging and dying process. Tuesdays with Morrie offers advice for positive living with the aging and dying process through anecdotes and examples from the author’s interview with his elderly and dying professor Morrie Schwartz. Morrie teaches us to face up to the real problem of aging and dying in order to remain youthful in spirits. The Aging Adult Experience There is no doubt that everyone knows about the biological, mental and physical changes that we experience as we age, which is known as aging. Aging is the process of “the process of change in the properties of a material occurring over a period, either spontaneously or through deliberate action” (“Definition of AGING,” n.d.). Evidence has proven that we age the most rapidly during the earlier years of life, as we mature from infants to sexual mature adults. As note by Moody & Sasser, (2015) the changes occur more slowly after physical maturity, but it never stops. From this point on with every passing birthday most of our
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