How Should We Respond The Global Problem Of Immigration?

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How should we respond to the global problem of immigration? Immigration is the movement of people from their native country into another country in order to permanently settle and live there. Immigration is a phenomenon that is global and which has been growing rapidly. A survey done in 2012 found given an opportunity, 640 million people would migrate with 23 percent choosing the United States and 7 percent choosing the United Kingdom. The number of global migrants worldwide has increased over the years reaching 244 million migrants in 2015 which indicates a 32 percent increases since 2010. The United States of America has the largest number of migrants with 22 percent of the overall immigrants residing there. This figure has moved up…show more content…
The rapid growth of immigrants poses a threat to the natives whereby with the growing demographic change, there is increased cultural diversity and their identity as a country keeps diluting the American culture with more immigrants moving into the country, it has become a multicultural place. It has created tension between the natives and the immigrants leading to racism, and negative reactions to immigrants by blaming them for everything and attacking them. It is challenging for the host country to assimilate immigrants into the society and provide the necessary support hence without assimilation, and this has led to increased dangers from foreigners. For example, a series of attacks in Germany in late July 2016 by foreigners, with a number of them having entered the country as refugees; fears have grown of terrorist crossing into countries among those immigrating (Robinson). The host country will experience rapid population growth which places a strain on the infrastructure and services such as health services and education in the country. For some of the immigrants, success in a new country is not guaranteed, and they are forced to take any job necessary usually the unskilled jobs and at very low wages. Others will end up unemployed and have to turn to crime this leads to increased crime rate and a higher level of insecurity in the country. The current immigration policy for the United States is very strict long and tedious and has led to a
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