How Sibling Rivalry Can Be Many Different Things

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What causes sibling rivalry can be many different things. I know firsthand about sibling rivalry. I have a younger brother name Christian. He is seventeen and a junior in High school. We fight like cats and dogs. Even though he is six foot one, we still try to wrestle. When I come home from college on the weekends, my brother and I will go out and do something. Most of the times we go out to eat. Christian and I have a connection between the two of us that no matter where the other person is we will still fight with each other. Then we will be best friends the next day. No matter what we are doing, we both have our own opinions about things. However, coming from a divorced family puts a strain on my brothers and my relationship. Neither of us wants to hurt either of our parent’s feelings in anything we say or do. So instead of our fighting with our parents, my brother and I take it out of each other. There are three things that cause sibling rivalry. First off, fighting for the parent’s attention is something that happens with all siblings. Secondly, fighting with the other sibling. My brother and I fight all the time, but at the end of the day, we both love each other. The last thing that causes sibling rivalry is comparing one another.
Fighting for our parent’s attention can be hard at times. Our parent’s attention is focused on work now that my brother and I are old enough to take care of ourselves. Having divorced parent’s means that you have to fight for both of the…

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