How Significant Artists Are Influenced By Events

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Examine how significant artists are influenced by events in the world INTRO: In art, Romanticism is the expression of a personal response to a subject or emotion. It was a reaction against the formal logic and organisation of neo-classicism as artists added free manifestation of their personal interpretation of events in their world through subject matter reflecting attitudes or moods. Withing artworks, artists expressed traumatic and gruesome circumstances of war and terror through the politics of figurative art. With this, human bodies were centralised using figures as the focal point as they were the dominant feature, in an environment that adds meaning. Artists Theodore Gericault and Francisco de Goya utilise bodies to demonstrate…show more content…
With this, the silhouetted figures are also seen to convey the dramatic and inhumane movement of figures as well as their intense facial emotions and gestures. In strong contrast, the prior movement of the logical neo-classicism is seen, which a balanced design, clear composition and action that is easily read in ‘The Oath of Horatii’, by Jacques-Louis David. David’s painting is a neo-classical work that restores the ethical ideas of antiquity. Ancient ideas are demonstrated with the use of structural devices such as the columns used to support the building. These arches correspond with the grouping figures. Figures that are framed by the arches and being separated by the columns include; the brothers, the father, and the women. Roman architecture in this painting is characterised by the absence of a base. However, it is grounded by strong tiles displayed as a grid. As seen in ‘The Raft of Medusa’, David’s painting also consists of triangular composition which is a clear focal point. Gericault’s triangle of hope is seen as a progression from the depths of despair to an apex of hope, whereas David’s is a logically organised triangle configuration which highlights the allegiance to the family. A contrasting allegiance to family to disgrace and despair in ‘Raft of Medusa’. BODY 2: Both Gericault and Goya emotionally reacted to significant events causing them to express these emotions through intense paintings. Francisco de Goya’s ‘The Third
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