How Significant Was Stresemann

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How significant was Stresemann?

Gustav Stresemann was undoubtedly significant to Germany in the 1920 and early 1930s. He was highly significant in the recovery of Germany after the Great Depression. However, during Germany’s recovery, Stresemann did not face many important issues at the time such as employment, military and social. This meant that he had a lot less support from the German public. Stresemann would have accomplished much more in the recovery of Germany if he had faced other issues which were being ignored.
When Stresemann came into power in 1923 as Chancellor, Germany was still being affected by the Treaty of Versailles. She still had to pay £6.6 billion in reparations to the allies of the First World War, her military was cut to just 100,000 men, no tanks, air force or submarines and no army in the Rhineland. Additionally, Article 231 (also known as the War Guilt Clause) left the German people angered at the allies and the Treaty of Versailles as they thought that it was unjust. When Stresemann became Chancellor, he had a lot of issues to deal with.
The first major problem Stresemann had to overcome was
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This caused a huge issue in the Weimar republic as it meant that no party could get a majority vote leading to many disagreements and arguments between everyone, meaning nothing would get done. If the government had just one party and not coalition parties, then Germany’s recovery could speed up. Many people wanted a strong lead figure instead so difficult decisions were made quickly and progress would be made. Unfortunately, Stresemann’s government did not do this and took a long time to make decisions because the whole of the Weimar Republic had to vote. Germany was not ready to run a democratic government after the Treaty of Versailles stated it in the terms. Stresemann’s government did not help or speed up the recovery of
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