How Slavery Has Impacted The Culture Of My Family

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There is something quite special about knowing your family history and how important it is to acknowledge the cultural from which you come from. As a little girl growing up I did not understand why I looked so different from the other people in my family. My father and mother are both African American with caramel complexions and brown eyes, myself on the other-hand have very fair skin with green eyes. I will start by explaining the significance of how slavery has impacted the culture of my family. First, for simplicity, I will start with my mother’s side of the family, which starts in Rockdale Texas with my great-grandmother Gertharine Green born during slavery in 1917, her mother died of a spider bite when she was a young girl around the age of 8, and her father a white man whom she never meet. She married Cornelius Green and had 13 children, one of which is my grandmother by the name of Juanita Green.
My grandmother actually, worked on a cotton field alongside her siblings and could remember working so hard that the palm of her hands would be hurting from the prickly stems. Unfortunately, during a time of segregation my grandmother had to go to a separate high school from whites, because blacks were not allowed. In the years my grandmother left Rockdale and headed for Houston for better opportunity and nursing school, where she had dreams of becoming a nurse. In Houston my grandmother meet my grandfather Leonard and they married, and had three children Anita,…
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