How Smart Grid Used Today?

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How Are Smart Grid Used Today? Introduction Smart grids usage has been increasing all over the world. North America and Europe are the two regions that have been increasing their usage of smart grids over the years. A. Smart grid has four major area of applications which are industries and homes, transmission and distribution, generation, and power system as a whole. B. Smart grids have been used in different ways and there is different type of smart grid devices that has helped renew resources. Smart Energy Resources Smart energy resources change the electric power system from conventional fossil-based energy systems to the renewable energy systems [4]. By using renewable generation, carbon dioxide emissions decrease from replacing systems powered by fossil fuels. Also increases the economic value of wind and solar usage of both. Solar photovoltaic system (Solar PV), solar thermal and wind resources all can be effect by weather. Because these resources are not reliable, smart grids can provide data and automation needed to enable solar panels and wind farms to put energy on the grid optimize its use. This will help new income sources for rural landowners and tax revenues for wind and solar development [1][4]. Electrical Vehicles (EV) Plug-in electric vehicles are an example of renewable energy because its known as energy storage. Energy storage is not something new. It has been used nearly every electrical device that exist, from backup function to temporary power
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