How Smart Phones Helps Drivers On The Road

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Have you ever been told by a family member or friend to no use your phone when driving, because you can get into an accident? I know I have. For as long as I can remember, there has been a stigma placed on phone usage while driving, and because of that stigma, some people view them as a distraction, and nothing more. As a result, they miss out on the vast repertoire of features that could actually be of help to them. Since the uprising of distracted driving accidents, all the good that smart phones can do kind of goes unnoticed. But what a lot of people fail to realize, is that smart phones have an abundance of features that can assist drivers on the road. Only when these features are used, and people stop texting, checking social media,…show more content…
Smart phone navigation systems are one of the many ways that they can assist drivers while on the road. GPS navigation has evolved from simple turn by turn navigation, into something more. Bartlett and Spinelli also mention a feature in which drivers can choose whether they want to detour around certain obstructions like car accidents, lane closings, and obstructions of that nature. Averting these types of obstructions gives the driver a much safer route to their destination, as well as eliminates the threat of a possible collision, which tends to occur most frequently in those areas. They state how this simplifies finding those trouble spots, and how it eliminates flicking through various radio stations while trying to get traffic info, especially since the radio tends to focus on the major accidents, and sometimes misses the other obstructions. Bartlett and Spinelli expand upon this, and go into detail on how it works: With a traffic service, the navigation device will receive periodic updates based on your driving path or (if entered) programmed destination. It can provide on-screen alerts and even indicate the traffic flow rate. Usually the driver can tap a traffic icon to receive info on how long the delay is, what type of obstruction (accident, construction, lane closing), and then decide whether or not to detour around a trouble-spot. Also, general traffic in the area can often be displayed by going into the menu of the
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