How Smartphones Affect The Growth Of Bad Habits

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Jinwei Zhang (Jin) Speculation Essay-Final ENGL 151-Crystal Bock 4/23/2017 Help teenagers! – from the smartphones Are you addicted to your smartphones? As a matter of fact, almost half of American teenagers admit that they are addicted to their smartphones, while more than half of parents feeling that their kids’ addiction (TeenSafe). Smartphone has already been an inseparable part of many people’s daily life. Just like everyone around them, teens and kids are using and becoming more and more dependent on the smartphones. Problems are different among the different audience. When it comes to teenagers, this could be a serious one. Overall, teenagers are at an important growing stage in their life. The main characteristics of them are…show more content…
When they start checking the messages and updates from their friends on the smartphones, they would lose control and addict to their phones for a long time, which even cannot be controlled by themselves. This explained why many teenagers miss planned school works due to smartphones use, and how they form the dependence/addiction on smartphones. If teenagers are addicted to or spend too much time on smartphones, they would feel nervous and uncomfortable when they cannot use smartphones. For example, they could feel impatient and fretful when they are not holding their smartphones; most of them would usually feel that they cannot stand without smartphones (Kown This is why most teenagers with habits of using smartphones usually find them cannot concentrate in class or when they are doing assignments or other school works. These results are closely related to smartphones use. Habitual using smartphones causes many serious health problems for teenagers. At an important age of physically growing, they are more exposed to these health threats, while their bodies and bones are more likely to be impacted in long terms. The first one should be the vision problems. Jeff Taylor, M.D., said that at least one out of every four (eye) patients complains about eye strain or getting blurred due to reading text or staring on a smartphone screen (YourSightMatters). Most smartphones users use their phones for a very long time every day,
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