How Smoking Has Changed Through The Years

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How Smoking Has Changed Through the Years (5) Smoking has greatly changed through the years. However, if one thinks about it does smoking control society in a particular way, or does society control the view on smoking. Through time, one can discover that there are many examples that may explain this question. People in the 1960’s thought smoking was considered cool at the time and it was the thing to do. Many people saw smoking as a symbol of statuses such as hard worker, or even an office worker. It showed that one had “class” because you were a refined person with a good paying job (White, Cameron,Oliffe, Bottorff). In many cases, smoking was considered beautiful for a woman to smoke in addition to their daily beauty routine. It was also associated with a strong, hardworking, and handsome man who all the woman try to get a date with. Many people were misled by the cigarette companies. Who claimed that their cigarettes were easy on the throat. The cigarette companies labeled the cigarette cartons with a picture of a man in a white lab coat that represented a doctor. They also printed on the cartons that they asked your doctor if it was ok to smoke, but in reality, they did not (Gardner, Martha, Brandt). This marketing scheme worked very well to mislead people to believe that cigarettes were healthy for you. Since people see Doctors as intelligent people and are professionals in their respective field and studied medicine for years so people believe them undoubtedly.
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