How Soccer Is A Sport

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History of Soccer Soccer is a well known sport throughout the world. It’s a interesting game to play. There are many rules and many positions in soccer. Soccer is a physical sport takes a lot of endurance. So where does soccer come from? Early evidence of soccer being played as a sport takes occurrence in China around the 2nd and 3rd century Bc. In china, during the Han dynasty the people were dribbling a leather ball and kicking the ball in a net. The romans and the greeks also played with a ball for fun and frolic. Also in Japan kicking a ball was a popular sport. Modern soccer is said to believe started in England. In the early day soccer could dangrous. Sometimes in a game a team would get so wild it would get fierce and incidents would happen. Soccer is a fun sport. In the early days the soldiers would miss archy practice just to go watch the game. In 1365 King Edward the third banned soccer because the fierce riots and violence. The modern soccer started in England,1863. Twelve representatives from London met in England and established the rules of soccer known as Cambridge Rules. The first known photograph of a soccer team was taken in Australia in 1833. To play soccer you must know how to play it. Dribbling is one of the most important things you need to know how to do. The easiest way to dribble is to dribble with the inside of your shoe. There other ways you could dribble like the top of the shoe or even the outside the shoe. In
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