How Social Changes Affect The Workforce Of Today

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Social organization of work is the set of relations between management,workers,coworkers and customers( Hodson & Sullivan pg. 4). As times and ideas change so do policies and procedures in the workplace. The way social procedures change is a part in this process as well. Evolution in the workplace is affected by several different factors. The factors that I have significant experience with are inequality, the group of women, minorities, and immigrants and the meaning and dignity in work. Over time all of these factors have evolved in some way. The evolution of these factors shape the workforce of today. Relationships exist across the workplace because work requires socialization. Social relations of production is defined by rights and obligations of people toward each other at every level of production. Primitive societies are built on cooperation and egalitarian which is the belief that all people are equal. In contrast industrial societies are built on hierarchy, competition, and are often unequal. Through time the world became more industrial in work society and with this change came inequality. In a primitive society decision making is a group effort and most people in in the society have skills that are similar to each other. With advancement of work, egalitarian ideas dissipated and were replaced by a new way of organizing work in a way similar to a hierarchy. Throughout my working experience, I have dealt mostly with the industrial society. Although I would
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