How Social Inequality Is Too Much?

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Society is a group of people. Not just one or two people, but a large number. In order for society to work there must be some form of structure built into our society and carried out by those who live in it. However there are many people who do not reach the expectations of our society; for example their house is not nice enough or they do not make enough money. This is not their fault, but they are still left behind. On the other hand there are individuals that thrive and flourish in our culture and society. This disparity is called Social Inequality; every society today contains inequality, but how much inequality is too much? The degree of inequality that we see around us today is unnecessary and hinders the development of an environment in which everyone can attain an acceptable standard of living. In societies containing a large amount of inequality, people are unable to access benefits such as health care and education. Because of this, people that are born into poor families stay poor and are unable to break the cycle. This leads to people having to settling for low-income jobs and are unable to maintain their homes and communities and as time goes on communities deteriorate. In this paper, we will first consider the lack of proper health care that many low-income families are able to afford. Then we will establish how these circumstances have created a cycle that people find nearly impossible to break. Finally we will conclude by looking at how poor communities
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