How Social Influences Have On Participants

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Materials and Methods This study will focus on the impact social influences have on participants when asked to listen to songs played backwards containing subliminal messages and whether being told that a particular song contains secret messages will impact their responses. This study will take into consideration past studies conducted by researchers Thorne (1984) and Vokey (1985) whom support that the role of suggestion can influence peoples perceptions of secret messages in rock and roll recordings. We the experimenters will be expanding on the music genres, but try to contain a minimum of one rock and roll song. Taking this into our focus will be observing how social influence will impact participant’s capability to write down more…show more content…
Social media post will be made on UC related websites such as UC Merced Classified stating the researchers reasoning for experiment and asking whether there are any people who would like to volunteer. Participants recruited by each researcher individually will all be recruited within the UC Merced campus or Modesto. Individually due to my living accommodations being an on campus student all of my recruits will be recruited within the UC Merced campus. The selection of methods we will us to get our sample will be random selection and random sampling. Random sample will be used because anyone who volunteers can participate in the study and random selection because any participant has equal chance of falling within the control or experimental group. A total of 50 participants with good hearing will be recruited randomly. Each researcher will contribute a total of 13 participants. Both females and males within the approximated age range 18-31 will be recruited. There will also be no one younger than 17 years old allowed to participate because it violates SONA rules. We will exclude people who have or have had past hearing issues. They will be excluded because they’re past hearing issues can influence their ability to catch phrases containing secret messages. Participants who may become sensitive to the topic or background of study may
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