How Social Media Affects Our Lives

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Everywhere, everyone, all the time, all around, people are on social media. Look anywhere, an adult can be found scrolling through social media, teenagers especially, and even the elderly can be found on some form of social media. Whether it is a status on Facebook, a ¨selfie¨ on Instagram, a tweet on Twitter, or a video on Snapchat, everyone connects through social media to improve their relationships. This simple form of online communication has affected everyone´s relationships for the better. Which raises the question: how does a simple post unite people? Can online relationships turn into strong interpersonal ones? Social media is a beneficial asset to our lives that strengthens our interpersonal relationships through online…show more content…
It is increasingly popular among young teens because it is more effective than a simple text message, it’s a message with a picture from the sender (sometimes it can be a video). Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most commonly used and known by teens. They can be accessed with internet and there is no limit to the amount of followers or friends you can get so the amount of connections is endless. Connections with friends and family are kept close because of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Hence, social media is a beneficial feature of our lives, and is further argued by Erwing Johnsson, in his blog titled, “Why Social Networks Enhance Interpersonal Communications?”. Johnsson discussed three main points why social media has enhanced our interpersonal communications. First, social media allows us to be more “social” and connect with others, doesn’t matter if you’re shy or millions of miles away (Johnsson). Second, social media allows us to be more honest and open to one another to create deep and strong interpersonal relationships (Johnsson). Third, social media requires a greater demand of language skills due to lack of body language and facial expressions, one must the correct combination of words and emoticons to create relationships (Johnsson). Johnsson proves that social media can unify people through bare communication, and this bare communication can
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