How Social Media Campaign Helps The Tourism Industry Essay

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 1.0 SMART objective 3 2.0 Target audience 5 3.0 Brand Partners 6 4.0 Platforms 7 5.0 Content 8 6.0 Measurement 10 7.0 Calendar 12 Conclusion 13 References: 14 Bibliography: 16 Introduction Social media campaigns provide an insight into the competitive market to improve the communication and the brand identity of an organisation (Keller, 2014). In the case of the tourism industry, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter help firms to expand their brand reach by building a relationship with customers through an open conversation process (Ammerman, 2015). A social media campaign helps the tourism industry to achieve more customer satisfaction and loyalty. Considering the words of Ramaseshan and Stein (2014), it is essential for a social media campaign to select a suitable social media platform for engaging the customers with the right choice of messages. Therefore, a tactical plan for a social media campaign is going to be developed for Shropshire Hills Tourism, UK. The tactical plan attempts to create potential leads by developing a photography competition campaign on Facebook. 1.0 SMART objective Specific Shropshire Hills Tourism in the UK is planning to promote its photography competition campaign on the social media sites. The campaign is conducted to identify the real photography talent and highlight the beauty of the Shropshire region. The social media campaign aims to generate leads; the marketing team would follow up
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