How Social Media Can Make More Friends On The Internet?

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Friends on the internet?

Is it possible to make more friends on the internet? Face to face communication has leisurely went to the wind, so many people have made the switch to social networking. People say that friendships can’t be built on the foundations of any social media profile and some say that it is possible. Social media can be the forefront of the battle of making friends and there are statistics to prove it.
Pews research center conducted a study over social media users (Source 1). They polled 1,787 internet users, and only 47% used social media (Source 1). Of the people polled in 2008 (as social media sort of was popular) 1.93 individuals on average had close friends on social media (Socurce1). When the survey was done aging in 2011 an average of 2.16 people said they had close friend on social networks (Source 1). Statistics show that social media can make friendships and those companionships are easier to find than ever.
“Social media make a big world smaller (Source 2).,” social media brings the world into one place social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have their strong points. “LinkedIn is for the people you know, Facebook is for the people you used to know, Twitter is for the people you want to know (Source2).” Even though people may use social media sites for one thing it don’t mean social media, does not have many more uses. There are many types of social media and they all have their own unique properties. Twitter has…
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