How Social Media Drives Politics

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How Social Media Drives Politics I. Introduction a. Be wise in choosing what to believe on Social Media because politicians can manipulate you into thinking one thing when in fact what they mean is the opposite. b. Social media tools including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have dramatically changed the way political campaigns are run and how we interact with our elected officials. These websites have made politicians more accessible and allowing campaigns to carefully craft and customize their candidates’ images. c. It is very important to understand how important our role is as active Social Media users to our friends, family, and followers. What we retweet or repost is read by our closest and most important people in our lives, so we should make it worthwhile. d. This thesis aims to find out how much impact Social Media has on Politics in the 21st century and how it affects people’s opinions. • To look at some examples of how politicians are using Social Media • To expound onthe importance of Social Media to politicians • To understand how much impact politicians have on Social Media II. There are a variety of ways in which Social Media is used by politicians to give the right impression on voters so it can benefit their public image. a. According to Tom Murse in his article, “How Social Media Has Changed Politics 10 Ways Twitter and Facebook Have Altered Campaigns”, “Social media tools allow politicians to speak directly to voters. It allows them to circumvent the
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