How Social Media Has Become A Trusted Means Of Information Better Than Traditional Method

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Social media’ consist of two words. Social refers to communication among individual or group of people. Media which means to advertise and communicate ideas or information through newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax, and internet.
Social media is a means of connecting people together through social network. It started in 1978 during the first bulletin board system was exchanged over phone with other users. When internet took off, consumers started to voice out their encounters with products and services, and turn down their carefully drafting out messages (Evan 2008). Through social media, conversations began to springs up about product, services, brands and companies, these conversations helped inspired consumers on what to buy, what they subscribe to and what they feel is valuable more than any marketing message. Social media has become a trusted means of information better than traditional method. Social media refers to reliable conversation between persons about a particular topic of interest, built on suggestion or individual experiences (Evan 2008). It is about sharing and aiming at a particular goal in order to have an appropriate result at the end. Contents on social media can easily be generated either by the company or its followers. Social media an internet based technology is growing rapidly and can be modify on regular bases by adding new features, it covers a wide range of mobile and online, word of mouth, social network
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