How Social Media Has Changed Our Culture

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Social media has changed our culture in ways many, in years past, would have thought to be impossible. With the advent of social media, people are connected around the world. Using the internet we can have “face-to-face” conversations, write “letters”, play games, and much more with others instantly without the need of being in the same room as them. Even though we are all constantly connected, some feel our technological innovations are causing us to become lonelier. Many feel physical interactions are key to creating emotional bonds. Some even feel left out because they are not technologically incline. Those who believe technology is making us lonelier often note how some people say they have friends that they have never met in real life, or cite shows like “Catfish” where people fall in love with others over the internet, but the person they thought they were talking to is not actually who they were talking to. Though some may think technology is making us lonelier, in actuality it bring us closer together. The internet is amazing. It connects people all around the world. A few summers ago I went to camp in New Hampshire and met people from around the country and around the world. At camp I became friends with a guy named Vicente. Vincente lives in Spain. We became close friends at camp. When camp was over we were not disappointed because when we made it back home we connected via Facebook. From there we exchanged “Gamertags” and where playing videogames together while
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