How Social Media Has Changed Our Face

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Ryan McLoughlin Mr. Venice English 12 25 February, 2016 How Social Media has changed our Face to Face Communication. We live in a world of social media where everyone is constantly on their phones scrolling through Twitter or Snapchat with their headphones on, not communicating with one another in person. This new technology has completely changed the way we communicate. It’s changed just about everything about us, changing our culture. It’s changed the way we engage with one another, the way businesses market their brands. To all of us it seems like these applications have been around for awhile, but they’re still pretty new. We’ve become so wrapped up with new technology that we’ve pretty much forgot how to engage and interact with each other face to face. This is a growing fact in the world today that we can’t ignore. (SOCIAL MEDIA: THE DECLINE OF FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION By Brandon Copeland September 10, 2014) Most of these large networks and communities just won’t stop growing, Facebook and Twitter are prime examples. Communication has gone from human contact to technological contact so quick. People now feel comfortable messaging a friend across the room when they can easily speak out load to communicate with them. Maybe because it’s easier, but it’s not normal. You should be able to speak your mind a lot easier, feel more comfortable in front of an audience, and express your feelings in a better way than through text. The true way good
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