How Social Media Has Changed Our Life

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Social media now has played important role in our life that people, especially youth, cannot stay away from your technology – as cell phone, tablets, laptops, computers or other kinds of equipment – that connect them to social networks. The companies now make social media, not only where people share their stories, identify themselves, but an online market – where products are popularized by famous people’ broadcast. As a part of it, the advertising campaign between Taylor Swift, a musician-singer, and the pop brand Coca-Cola achieved resounding success. The commercial, with the participation of tons of cat, brings to the audience great, happy, and enthusiastic feeling as well as introducing Taylor Swift’s coming album. The figure is a catching invitation to convince people to buy Diet Coke and Taylor’s new album too.
Rhetorical Concepts work well together and make increased persuasion in this advertisement. They are ethos, pathos, logos, audience, purpose, and context. Ethos appeals to the audience belief by using famous people or celebrity. In this case, ethos is the way Taylor makes people want to “get a taste” without saying anything about the product throughout the video. Pathos, by emotional charged language and images, makes people fall in either positive feeling like love and sympathy or negative feeling like anger. The audience, after watching this Diet Coke commercial, will might become cat-lovers like Taylor and eager to give a try on both Diet Coke and her new…
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