How Social Media Has Changed The Way Of Marketing

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Social media has become a valuable tool for various types of activities, but most importantly for marketing and its connection with consumers, organizations and brands. Technology has drastically changed the way marketing has always been remembered. Traditional channels of marketing involves any type of campaign or promotion through print advertisements such as flyers, billboards, brochures, catalogs, newsletters and newspaper print ads. Traditional marketing also includes television and radio advertisements along with direct mail and marketing through the telephone. Print marketing has been in existence since the ancient times and is considered the most aged practice of traditional marketing (
On the other hand, social media marketing is the process of promotion by creating content that attracts the attention of people around the world across various social applications and websites at a much lower cost. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing reaches and connects far more prospects than would have been possible. Marketing through word of mouth has been in existence for years but social media has changed the process of both the speed and distance of information sharing through the mediums of direct texts, posts, blogs or tweets from a trusted source (Social Media Marketing ebook, 2012 p.43). Author Reza Kiani (1998) also adds that the World Wide Web “offers wider and deeper…
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